My 6-year-old son is obsessed with animals.  He loves watching animals, playing with animals, reading books about animals, learning new things about animals, drawing pictures of animals, and teaching other people about animals.  A couple of weeks ago, we had the idea of starting our own website about all the animals we see.  So here it is: Raymie’s Zoo!

Raymie’s Zoo is a blog about animals.  It features lots of pictures, stories, and videos about all the animals he encounters everyday.  So far, we’ve been really good about adding a new post almost everyday.  He’s already got 15 different animals featured on the blog (so far mostly birds and bugs). Here is one of my favorite photos from Raymie’s Zoo.  It is a giant water bug:

If you like what you see, you can subscribe to Raymie’s Zoo on Facebook, Twitter, or even subscribe by e-mail.  So check it out!