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URGENT Maker's Lifestyle Food Club Message

Fellow Members:

After a series of events, the officers of the club are forced to conclude that itís time to disband the Makerís Lifestyle Food Club.

Our club has struggled for several months to make even the minimum club order. Only a handful of people are now ordering on a regular basis. In addition, this week two things happened that put us over the top in our struggle to keep the club going. Elvy Belknap, our order coordinator, has had an unfortunate meltdown of her computer, making it impossible for her to process orders for an indefinite time. Finally, I received a letter from UNFI informing us that the $10.00 fuel surcharge has been raised to $15.00. Since we are doing all of this for only a 6% discount, it just doesnít make sense to continue.

Therefore, the club will take no more orders, beginning immediately. For those of you who would like to continue to order healthy food on a co-op basis, I can give you a few suggestions:

1. There are other UNFI food clubs in the area. To find one, go to the UNFI website, http://www.unitedbuyingclubs.com/ , and click on Find A Buying Club Near You. You can email them with your request for information and theyíll tell you where to find a club.

2. There is another club Iíve heard of that orders from a company called Natural Farms out of Madison. There is no membership fee and members can place their orders through a website. The monthly pickup is at Calvary Chapel on Newberry Street. The truck arrives on a Thursday from 10-Noon, but members may stop by later to pick up their orders if necessary. Split cases can be organized online. If you wish more information, the name of the club is Salt of the Earth and the contact is Joy Berry, 920-954-2052.

3. The Free Market natural foods store on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton will work with you to order products from the UNFI catalog through them. If you join with a few others to order a quantity ($300 or more) you can get a substantial discount from their shelf price. Even if youíre just ordering for yourself, this can be a very handy way to purchase, because The Free Market will do the ordering, unload the truck and hold your merchandise for pickup at your convenience. In addition, they receive delivery a couple of times a week. My information is rather sketchy about this, so if youíre interested, talk to Cindy at The Free Market for full details.

I want to thank everyone who has donated time and effort to give us all the opportunity to order good food and healthy products through the Makerís Lifestyle Food Club. I have benefited by being a member, and I hope the same is true for you. I pray that you will continue to seek the Makerís way of living and eating, for a more healthy lifestyle.

Myra Miller
General Coordinator

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