Maker's Lifestyle Food Club

Note: The Food Club is no longer operating. Please see the latest Food Club News for more information.

The Maker's Lifestyle Food Club is a food club located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our purpose is to promote eating natural and organic foods and to save our members money by buying in quantity. Our inspiration comes from the wisdom in the Bible and in the book The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin.

Upcoming Dates:
For the latest news, including dates, visit the Food Club News Archive

General Coordinator: Myra Miller
Order Coordinator: Elvy Belknap
Bookkeeper/Treasurer: Dana Bourassa
Delivery Coordinators: Kim Stilp and Laura Bricco
Webmaster: Ben Miller

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Latest News:
For the latest club news, as well as all past news, visit the Maker's Lifestyle Food Club News Archive.

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Updated 8/7/2006
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